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Nebraska Fire Chiefs Association 4th Annual Leadership Symposium

3/9/2019 8:00 AM 3/9/2019 5:00 PM


The Nebraska Fire Chiefs Association 4th Annual Leadership Symposium Presents William "Billy" Greenwood

"Extreme Leadership" -Developing the Next Generation of Leaders, Coaches and Mentors (Morning Session)
Do you want to build high performance teams in your department? Then you need to understand how to lead in the people business! The fire service has 4 distinct personalities in the workplace. Leading this
dynamic group of men and women regardless if you are paid, paid on call or volunteer can be challenging for even the best officer. Extreme Leadership will provide you with a new look at leadership through
our three pillars of leadership. These pillars include: (IQ) Intellectual Intelligence; (EQ) Emotional
Intelligence; and (IP) Interpersonal Dynamics. Our program will provide measurability in a leadership
program, by mapping every attendee in the room and then adjusting the conversation on the needs of
our audience. This will provide each and every attendee with a better way to gain greater respect, more productivity and higher motivation by really understanding who they are charged to lead. This is the
science of leadership! You will be introduced to our "Personality Based Effective Communications"
model. The fire service has traditionally been based from an "Old Power" one size fits all paramilitary
leadership. For the millennial firefighters coming into your organization; who haven't been subjected to a military lifestyle, they often find Old Power Leadership as toxic. So if you are struggling to engage your personnel this program will provide you with a "New Power Mindset" to gain the leadership edge needed to build relationships, gain confidence and trust in each other. Strong leaders understand the basic
foundation of leadership. Learn how to read, map and identify the four personalities in your
organization. Identify and engage on what makes them motivated or tick. Have you ever asked yourself "What the hell was that guy thinking?" If you have, then how well do you really know your
personnel? Watch our Extreme Leadership video preview: 

"Extreme Leadership: -Putting Out Fires Within the Firehouse {Afternoon Session)
Have you ever found your leadership toolbox doesn't have the right tools to handle a specific situation? Well in this interactive and dynamic session we will provide you with the tools needed to win in the
people business. The fire service runs on people. If we can't engage, motivate and deal with people than we will struggle with lack of recruitment and retention. This presentation will bring to light the need to properly train personnel on how to lead in the people business. Managing a fire or incident is the easy pa11 of being a leader. So let's focus on how to interact with our personnel, identify any compensating or
undesirable behaviors and then target the true underlying root cause of said bad behavior. Leadership
done right is messy, learn the leadership tools to assist with how to problem solve, intervene when
negative behaviors occur and modify the environment for positive/ healthy outcomes. We will discuss
(DT) discretionary time and (NDT) non-discretionary time, how to better deliver behavioral modification in times of conflict. That includes disciplinary action, training, performance on calls and how to
implement and deliver a rock star performance review. Strategies for internal action and
external assistance when the undesirable behavior requires professional assistance. This includes but not limited to PTSD, addictions and overcoming adversity. Great leaders do not fix their
personnel's problems; they assist the person with developing resolution. Most often times interpersonal
conflict can be managed by a well equipped fire officer, long before it becomes detrimental to the
mission. Learn how to fix the fixable and terminate those that aren't. FETC Services provides
the Leadership KSA's that will set your organization up for success! Opportunities exist to develop a
healthy firehouse culture if the organization embraces professional development.

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